How to Prevent Summertime HVAC Maintenance Issues

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on April 26, 2022

Facility managers and business owners are responsible for making sure their facility is in excellent condition year-round. Summer puts the most stress on your commercial HVAC system, so if you’re responsible for maintaining a facility, you need to have a preventative maintenance plan in place before the season begins to avoid issues. This plan includes a routine maintenance schedule and the protocol for any HVAC issues that may arise. 

City Wide Facility Solutions is the partner businesses need to keep their HVAC system working throughout the summer. We can ensure the services in your preventative maintenance plan are performed by qualified vendors. Read on for tips on how to prevent summertime HVAC maintenance issues.

Create a preventative maintenance plan

A preventative maintenance plan for your facility’s HVAC system is a cost-effective way to prevent maintenance issues. This should be created and implemented in your facility before summer begins to reduce the risk of system downtime when you need your HVAC the most. 

For commercial properties, HVAC maintenance should be performed quarterly. This will include general maintenance tasks such as: 

  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cleaning coils and elements
  • Cleaning drains
  • Replacing air filters
  • Checking belts for wear
  • Analyzing the air delivery for proper air flow
  • Inspecting ducts
  • Calibrating thermostats 

Benefits of a commercial preventative maintenance schedule

Minimize HVAC system downtime

Many HVAC repairs require the system be partly or completely off during servicing. This can be a major problem in your facility during the summer because the downtime will create an uncomfortable indoor climate. This will have a negative effect on the morale, productivity, and efficiency of your workers. HVAC downtime may even force your facility to close because it is too hot for employees to be present.  

The contractors charged with providing your routine preventative maintenance on your HVAC will be able to spot any minor repairs early to prevent major issues. By addressing these minor issues before they become big problems, you can prevent system downtime and major HVAC maintenance repairs.

Improve HVAC system lifespan

Scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your HVAC system will make sure it is well-maintained year-round. This will improve the lifespan of your system and prevent the need for costly replacements. 

Save energy and lower operating costs

When your HVAC system is working properly, it is efficiently cooling your facility. This will lower your energy costs over time because you won’t be wasting energy due to leaking ducts, insufficiently sealed windows, or improperly calibrated thermostats. 

A properly functioning HVAC system, along with the money you save by preventing major repairs, will help lower your overall operating costs for the year. 

Improve indoor air quality

The pandemic taught us all about the importance of indoor air quality in facilities. Not only does it help prevent the spread of viruses, but good indoor air quality also prevents allergens, mold, and bacteria from affecting the overall well-being of employees.

Part of your routine preventative maintenance plan will include changing air filters and cleaning air ducts. This will improve your indoor air quality and help protect the health of your employees and guests.  

Stay organized

Your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) can schedule these tasks for you in conjunction with your preventative maintenance plan. They can also provide the protocol for what you should do in the instance an issue arises with your system. 

Facility managers and building owners have many responsibilities and it can be challenging to keep track of them all. Don’t let important tasks such as HVAC preventative maintenance go unscheduled because the consequences are costly, especially in the summer. 

Contact City Wide today to learn more about preventative HVAC maintenance and to schedule a consultation. Don’t forget, we can also help you with your janitorial and commercial cleaning needs, as well as more than 20 additional facility services. One call to your FSM can help you with it all!