How to Maintain and Protect Your Hardwood Floors

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on February 1, 2023

If your building or facility features hardwood flooring, you understand the aesthetic benefits and maintenance difficulties it poses. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and will impress clients and customers. But on the other hand, it can be difficult to clean, maintain, and protect.

City Wide Facility Solutions has experience helping clients maintain all types of flooring in different environments and locations in both Canada and the United States. Our clients depend on us to know their facilities inside and out, and to schedule the best service providers to meet their needs.

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Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining hardwood floors

Wood floors are vulnerable to dirt and debris. These substances will dull the floor’s finish and cause scratches and scrapes which are difficult to hide or remove. Hardwood flooring in high-traffic areas is especially hard to maintain because it is almost impossible to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked inside. Types of commercial hardwood flooring most common in facilities include:

  • Laminate wood
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Solid wood flooring

Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining hardwood floors. Hiring specialist cleaners, such as day porters, to keep an eye on special areas in your facility, such as hardwood floors, is a great way to keep them clean. Special spaces such as gymnasiums, studios, lobbies, and other areas which often feature hardwood floors might require the attention of an expert.

City Wide only contracts with specialists, so your hardwood floors will be in good hands. Our specialist teams will be able to provide all the services necessary to maintain and protect your hardwood floors, including:

  • High-performance vacuuming
  • Specialty mopping
  • Repair
  • Refinishing
  • Scrub and wax
  • Polishing
  • Commercial matting services

Utilize a commercial matting service to help protect hardwood floors

A commercial matting service can be a great way to prevent dirt, grit, and moisture from damaging your hardwood floors. Commercial matting not only welcomes visitors to your facility with a comfy and clean place to wipe their feet, it also serves a very important purpose when it comes to your floors.

Note: Avoid placing rubber backed matting directly on hardwood because it can cause damage and discoloration.

Matting should be used in high traffic areas just outside an area with hardwood flooring to catch dirt and debris before it is tracked into your facility. A commercial matting service will either regularly clean your matting, or replace them on a schedule, to keep your floors looking fresh.

To polish or wax hardwood floors?

A great way to maintain and protect your hardwood floors is to schedule a polish or wax service to come and restore the flooring to its original luster. It is important to hire specialists to perform this service because, depending on the type of finish on your hardwood, using the wrong polish or wax can damage your hardwood floors.

You must first figure out if your floors should be polished or waxed. Floors with a protective surface such as urethane can be polished while those with unsealed wood need to be waxed. Only an expert can tell the difference.

Protect your investment; partner with City Wide

Hardwood floors are an investment which requires the proper care and maintenance. While they are considered to be “high maintenance,” the right service providers will keep them well maintained and protected from damage. All you need is a partner who knows how to find those service providers to help your business. This is where City Wide comes in.

In addition to maintaining and protecting your hardwood floors, City Wide can assist with your janitorial, landscaping, exterior painting, and over 20 additional facility services.