How to Identify a Quality Building Maintenance Solution Provider

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on January 19, 2022

Finding the right service provider for your facility is cost-effective and efficient. They will streamline operations, proactively identify issue areas, and keep your building clean. One of the most important decisions a facility manager will make is deciding which facility management company to hire. This will require research and proper vetting to avoid hiring the wrong provider. 

Choosing the right service provider is important to the success of your facility. Here are the most important things to consider when trying to identify a quality building maintenance solution provider. 

Good Communication

When you are querying a business about a potential contract, their communication should stand out. The facility management company should have representatives available to you when you need them and be quick to respond to your communication. 

A quality facility management company will sufficiently answer all of your questions and be upfront about their prices and services. Poor communication can signify the company is understaffed, overwhelmed, and under-qualified to manage your building. Good communication should be the first thing you notice about a potential management company. 

Research online reputation and word of mouth

Another way to identify a quality building maintenance provider is by researching their online reputation. Read online reviews on Google and other review websites to see how customers feel about the services they provide. Then take a look at the reviews they feature on their own website. If the company is honest, the reviews will match what you find online. 

Google searching is beneficial to your vetting process, but it isn’t the only step you should take. See if you can find a list of the buildings and facilities the company you are considering currently manages. Call those building managers and ask them their opinion. This will give you a better picture of the quality of the service you can expect.

Training and Safety

This section ties into “communication” because quality facility management companies should be upfront about their training and their safety record. Most providers will feature their training programs on their website. Others will gladly explain how they ensure proper training for workers in your facility. Continuing education should also be a major part of a quality company’s training program. Be sure to ask about how they keep workers informed and educated. If a company is reticent about giving you this information, then that should be considered a red flag. 

Quality management companies will have a solid inspection program that allows them to be proactive about safety and improving the quality of the service they provide. 


There is a big difference between being cheap and cost-effective. A quality facility management company will not necessarily be the cheapest, but they also might not be the most expensive. Facility managers need to be realistic about the services they need and what those services will cost during their search for a good provider. 

Cost also goes back to communication. Management companies should be open and honest about the price of their services. Remember that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Research the average cost of the services your building needs and compare that to the quotes you receive. 

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