How Often Should You Strip and Wax Your Floors?

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on February 1, 2023

Floors are one of the most important investments in your facility. We literally walk across them every day and they can quickly become neglected if you are not careful. Neglected floors may be beyond repair which will cost you more than just curb appeal and first impressions; it will cost you a lot of money.

One of the best ways to protect your investment in your floors is by scheduling regular stripping and waxing. When you strip and wax your floors, you are removing dirt and grime and restoring the floor’s look and luster.

Scheduling a strip and wax is a good way for facility managers (FMs) and building owners to be proactive. Your dedicated City Wide Facility Solutions facility service manager (FSM) will be proactive for you by creating a strip and wax schedule which works best for your business.

Read more about how often you should strip and wax your floors and the benefits below…

The frequency of strip and wax services depends on the facility

It is generally recommended you strip and wax the floors in your facility once or twice a year; however this depends on your facility itself. If your floors receive a large amount of foot traffic, like in a school or university, then it might be advisable to strip and wax more frequently. Also, if your floors are subjected to heavy wear and tear, you should consider a regular strip and wax schedule to keep them clean and protected.

The best way to determine the suggested frequency of stripping and waxing your floors is by scheduling a consultation with a City Wide FSM. They will be able to determine the current state of your floors, the traffic they receive, and the wear and tear they are subjected to. They will then be able to suggest a strip and wax frequency which best fits your facility.

How long does stripping and waxing take?

This answer also depends on your facility. Most floors can be completed in one to two days, but larger facilities like schools can sometimes take a week. The process typically uses a chemical stripping agent which needs to sit on a floor surface for about fifteen minutes to strip the old wax away. Then the new wax is applied and left to cure overnight. After the wax cures, the floor is usable again the next day.

Benefits of scheduling a strip and wax for your floors

Take a look at the floors in your facility. Do they look dingy and grimy, or do they look shiny and clean?
Stripping and waxing your floors will strip away dirt and grime and restore luster. After a strip and wax, your floors will be left looking neat, clean, and shiny. But there are other benefits to maintaining your facility’s floors with proactive services. They include:

  • Prevents the build up of dirt and dust
  • Eliminates moisture from damaging or staining your floors
  • Prevents dings, scrapes, and scratches
  • Protects the floor surface
  • Improves the look and feel of your facility

Your customers, employees, and tenants will appreciate regular stripping and waxing because it makes floors look cleaner and newer. Proactive floor care will also help prevent the need for floor replacement, which is a burden because it requires extended periods of downtime and is costly.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of stripping and waxing, or would like to schedule a consultation with City Wide, contact us here. In addition to stripping and waxing, we can also assist you with blinds cleaning, carpet and upholstery, and commercial cleaning, as well as over 20 additional facility services.