How City Wide Has Responded to COVID-19

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on May 11, 2020

Recently, City Wide CEO and president, Jeff Oddo, spoke with Red Boswell of the International Franchise Professionals Group. This interview is a part of a video series started by Red a few months ago to learn how business leaders from various industries are responding to COVID-19.

Jeff talks through City Wide’s quick response as the situation around COVID-19 began to develop, and the record months it has experienced as a result of an increased need for managed cleaning and disinfecting services. He also discusses the launch of the DACO (Dominate After COVID-19 is Over) task force with Project Lemonade and Project Tidal Wave.

To learn more about Project Lemonade and Project Tidal wave, you can watch the full interview with Jeff and Red below.

City Wide has also launched several resources to help businesses prepare for reopening and protect facilities and occupants into the future: