5 Traits a Great Handyman Should Have

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on May 28, 2021

A handyman (also known as a handyperson) is someone we most associate with the idea of small repairs. When you hear the word handyman, you immediately imagine someone who wears a toolbelt and is adept at fixing things. Believe it or not, the modern – and reputable – handyman is skilled at more than just fixing things. Here are five traits that make for a great handyman.

Trait #1:  Strong and Varied Skillset

It should go without saying, but when contracting the services of a handyman, you should always ensure they have a proven track record. Whether this comes in the form of verbal recommendations, online reviews, or even a portfolio of work, you should check that the handyman you work with is precise. They should always demonstrate their capabilities outside of simply selling themselves as someone who can get the job done. They should also be well-equipped for any job that could come their way.

A handyman should also be more than capable of small repairs. According to Indeed.com, a handyman’s skillset should be highly diverse when it comes to general improvements at your building. They should be a jack of all trades when it comes to general building maintenance. Tasks such as junk removal, flooring repair, and some working knowledge on electrical and plumbing are examples of what most handymen are capable of addressing.

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Trait #2: Reputable/Has References 

The more references a handyman has, the better. It is usually best to check various online reputation sites for these individuals (e.g. Angie’s List, BBB, HomeAdvisor) and ensure they are dependable and reputable. Not all handymen have the ability or know-how to market themselves or catalog their skills online, so it is best to get opinions from trusted individuals and sources. It also never hurts to do a Google search on them, to conduct an amateur level background check on them.

However, if you don’t have the time or resources to vet a potential handyman, we can help with that. Here at City Wide, we conduct thorough background checks on all our contractors. We will ensure their level of expertise and reputation live up to your expectations and budget.

Trait #3: Reliable

How can you tell if your handyman is reliable? They portray themselves as precise craftsmen who are passionate about the work they do. A reliable handyman is:

  • precise, punctual, and detail-oriented
  • sets accurate/realistic deadlines for all projects
  • proficient in a variety of tasks, with perhaps a few specialties
  • an active listener, to properly identify and address your needs

Your handyman should be able to handle the basics when it comes to plumbing and electrical work, but anything beyond that will require the use of a specialist. Should this be the case, and a specialist is needed, you should know City Wide is able to manage both your handyman services and services in relation to your plumbing/electrical needs – as well as any other maintenance services required for your facility.

Trait #4: Excellent Communicator

A good handyman will be able to interpret the problems you are having in your facility and should be able to communicate solutions in both layman’s terms and technical terms. Additionally, they will never embellish or brag about their skills. They should be honest in explaining what types of projects are outside their skillset, and may even recommend an individual or group that is capable of doing so. They will also have a scope of work that is easy to understand and follow. Clear deadlines, breakdowns of what is needed for completion, and explanations for their methods are a must-have from a good handyman.

Trait #5: Is a Proactive Problem-Solver

A handyman shouldn’t only focus on just the one issue they were initially hired to address. They should go over your building and identify any other items that might be at risk of becoming a larger issue. Like City Wide, they should know the job isn’t done until all accompanying issues have been addressed. Whether you choose to remedy these issues is up to you. However, it is the responsibility of the handyman to point out the issues they discover and make any recommendations.

Of course, if you were to use our services, we can have a Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) with industry-leading knowledge recommend what your facility needs. If you are interested in the services City Wide can provide besides handyman, check out our list of services for more details.