The Most Common Mistakes Made for Floor Care

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on March 18, 2021


Hard Floor Care

Here we share some useful tips for hard floor and carpet care. If you’re more comfortable leaving this to the experts, let us know and we’ll schedule a service that is right for your facility!


Before performing any cleaning technique or applying any cleaning material to your flooring, you should always ensure every surface is dust and dirt-free. This allows you to maximize the amount of surface area the tools make contact with on your flooring. Without preparing the floors, you run the risk either scratching the floors or further spreading debris. Always have a clean surface on the floor before performing a deep clean.

Proper Equipment/ Product Usage

You should always ensure you have the right tools for the job, and be properly educated on how to use the tools, so you don’t risk damaging the floor. It’s also important to understand the cleaning compounds you use, and verify they are compatible prior to application. Excessive/misuse of cleaning compounds can do a tremendous amount of harm to your floor, creating additional issues to resolve.

Hard Floor Cleaning Expertise

There are many different types of hard flooring and it is always best for you to know what techniques should be executed for each one. Vinyl flooring cannot be cleaned the same way as tile, nor can hardwood be cleaned the same way as concrete. You need to know what techniques and equipment are necessary to ensure your floor’s longevity remains intact. That’s why it’s always a safe bet to consult experts in the matter.

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Routine Cleaning/Maintenance Schedule

Just like taking care of the carpet in your own home, you should always have a schedule set for vacuum cleaning your carpets. Any spills, mud, debris, or residue should be cleaned out of your carpet as soon as possible to avoid staining. Speaking of stains, you should know when to dab stains instead of scrubbing stains. Scrubbing stains have a risk of dispersing and spreading whatever has gotten into your carpet. Always make sure proper spot removal product and proper cleaning technique is used when cleaning stains.


When you wash your hair, do you use just the right amount, or do you empty a handful of products into your hair? To extend the life of your carpet, it is imperative you use the right amount of solution for the area to be treated. Get to know how much liquid the machine you use disperses, take a look at the fill line on the mixing cup if it has one, or look up how many fluid ounces per one gallon of water should be used. Excess shampoo in your carpet can leave residue behind – which can actually collect more dirt and wear down the fibers quicker. So make sure you only use what is necessary.

Steam Cleaning

One of the best water-based methods for cleaning your carpet is steam cleaning. Also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning, this method requires the use of applying a cleaning agent which is brushed into the carpet before washing with the steam cleaner. This process has been shown to blast away any and all dirt and debris within the carpet while returning it to its original color. This method should be considered if you have never had your carpet steam cleaned before, as years’ worth of dirt and grime will disappear before your eyes.

Should I Consider a Professional Floor Care Service in My Building?

There are many factors to consider when cleaning your floors; the improper or overuse of cleaning compounds can leave a severe negative impact. Not all cleaning agents are made the same, and some products could have a chemical reaction that could leave streaks or even corrode hard floors. Regarding carpet, excessive shampooing or improper use of products can cause debris accumulation, create a sticky residue, and even fray the carpet.

For large-scale floor care solutions, it is always best to leave it to professionals. A floor care company that has both the skills and expertise will be able to get the job done correctly. Do you have a plan in place to make sure your carpet looks excellent year-round? What happens if the floor care company you had contracted is unable to make a follow-up inspection? What happens if they don’t take responsibility for sub-par work, or, they are booked up when you call them during the springtime? This is where having a facility solutions company like City Wide manage your floor care services is a huge benefit. Our Facility Solutions Managers have industry-leading expertise not just on floor care, but any other issue your building may have, and we can get you set up with an Annual Maintenance Program to ensure you are taken care of all year long.

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