Enhancing the Draft Experience at Union Station

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 16, 2023

Case Study | 2023 Draft

Union Station, Kansas City, MO

The 2023 Draft took place at the iconic Union Station in Kansas City, MO. Over the course of the three-day event, more than 312,000 enthusiastic fans attended in support of their favorite teams. As the trusted
provider of facility services at Union Station, City Wide Facility Solutions rose to the occasion to contribute to the success of the event. As Brady Pollington, Facility Solutions Manager, states, “Union Station is a flagship client for City Wide. We have provided facility maintenance services for years and have an excellent relationship.” The partnership between City Wide and Union Station reflects a strong, long-standing relationship centered on exceptional facility solutions.

Event Challenges

City Wide faced unique challenges in executing their tasks during the Draft. With responsibilities spanning floor cleaning, trash management, and other janitorial tasks, the team had to navigate the delicate balance between maintaining a pristine facility and minimizing the visibility of the cleaning crew. As Pollington mentioned, “Specifically for the Draft, the client did not want a heavy, visible cleaning staff presence.“

“The most challenging aspect of the event was having a complete grasp of activities occurring inside Union Station. With the different entities occupying the facility, and the flow of the VIPs in and out of the venue. The Draft is a massive event, and a lot of details are not shared until the very last minute.” The event’s stringent security protocols limited the availability of pre-event information. This made it challenging to anticipate cleaning requirements or plan in advance.

Solutions Implemented

Clear communication played a vital role within the 850,000-square-foot Union Station. Using two-way radios, the team was able to keep constant communication and respond quickly to situations. It allowed the team to navigate the event’s complexities and maintain flexibility despite not having a complete plan for the event. Remaining flexible was a vital role for Pollington and his team in overcoming challenges during the event.

“Sometimes the client doesn’t necessarily know what they want/need because the event itself can be fluid, which was the case with the Draft. The client had to keep a lot of details private for security reasons and also because they were changing so often,” said Pollington. “Our scope was defined, but we still had to be flexible.”

Seeing as this was a huge, televised event, with numerous VIPs, it was important to have a strong cleaning team.

“We had to select staff that understood the magnitude of the event and would work diligently so there would be no disruptions,” emphasized Pollington. “With an experienced staff, there was no time wasted providing direction and solutions. Our staff was well trained, knew exactly what tools and equipment they needed, and communicated issues immediately so they could be resolved quickly.”


By allowing City Wide Facility Solutions to manage the facility maintenance of Union Station during the Draft, the client had a seamless and efficient operation. The benefits that came from this partnership further enhanced the overall experience.

  • Union Station has been a client of City Wide for years. The staff did not have to familiarize themselves with the facility and could be efficient with their time, energy, and economy of movement. With an experienced staff, there was no time wasted providing direction and solutions.
  • The client had direct access to the day and night managers, giving them 24/7 access to City Wide if
    there was a need.
  • The client gained access to City Wide’s comprehensive expertise in facility management and cleaning. City Wide’s specialized knowledge and experience allowed them to implement best practices and innovative approaches to deliver exceptional cleaning services.

Why City Wide

When it comes to facility solutions, City Wide stands out as a leading manager of facility maintenance and janitorial services. With a strong reputation in the industry, City Wide brings extensive expertise and experience to the table. They offer a comprehensive range of services, boasting a diverse portfolio of 20+ facility solutions that go beyond commercial cleaning. From janitorial services and maintenance to landscaping and security, City Wide serves as a one-stop solution for various facility management needs. The convenience of having a single point of contact, ensuring streamlined communication, and simplifying the overall facility management process sets City Wide apart.

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