Elevate Your Level of Clean

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on August 25, 2022

Janitorial services can be the cause of the largest number of headaches from facility managers and building owners. Poor service, slow response time, not living up to the service level agreement (SLA), and unprofessional experience are common problems in the commercial janitorial service industry. 

This is why City Wide Facility Solutions holds all of our vendors to a higher standard than what is “common.” We vet the janitorial service crews before they are ever scheduled to work in your facility. Then, your dedicated Night Manager will inspect their work and make sure you are more than satisfied with their services. 

However, before your regular janitorial services begin, our goal is to elevate your level of clean from the beginning and then maintain this level throughout our relationship. We call this your “initial clean,” which is a robust first cleaning of your facility which will raise the quality to a higher standard.

What is an initial clean?

If you look around your building and decide you are not satisfied with the level of cleanliness your current janitorial team is providing your facility, you need an initial clean from one of our vendors. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is the cleaning in your facility up to your standards?
  • What impression do your customers form about your building?
  • Could your janitorial services improve? 

If you answered “yes,” to any of these questions, you need to contact a City Wide office near you to learn more about our janitorial services

An initial clean is a robust cleaning of your facility which will elevate the level of clean to a higher standard than what you have been receiving from your old janitorial service provider. As soon as we take on your account, your new cleaning team will scour hallways, touch-points, common areas, offices, entrances, and exits in order to raise the cleanliness of your facility to our standards. Then, they will maintain this higher level of clean so you never need to ask yourself the above questions again.

Initial clean steps can include:

  • Edging carpets
  • Low and high dusting
  • Spot wash metal doors
  • Steel wool baseboards
  • Dust walls, door jambs, and blinds
  • Spot treat carpet stains

Find the right janitorial services for your facility

One of the advantages of partnering with City Wide for your janitorial services is we have a network of select vendors in every city we operate. Your Facility Solutions Manager will tour your facility, learn your service needs, and select the best janitorial service crew to meet those needs. 

Commercial janitorial services are no place to simply accept poor service. Low quality cleaning will have more of an impact on your business than appearance. Cleaning services affect employee morale and well-being, which will affect your bottom line. If your janitorial services are not working up to your standards, then it is time to make a change. 

Not only will City Wide elevate the quality of the cleaning services you receive, they will also verify your new janitorial team continues to do their job efficiently, thoroughly, and professionally. 

The City Wide difference

City Wide has more than 60 years of experience helping businesses improve the look and feel of their buildings. We take pride in our ability to make your facility clean and safe for all employees, staff, and guests. If you are unsatisfied with your current janitorial service provider, let City Wide schedule your initial clean to elevate your facility to a higher standard. 

Facility managers have enough on their plate to worry about the janitorial crew doing a good job. City Wide will take care of this for you, and so much more. 

In addition to janitorial services, we can also assist you with your event and touch-point disinfecting service needs, as well as over 20 additional facility services. Contact City Wide today.