How Can You Maximize Efficiency When Completing Projects at Your Building?

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 18, 2021

High efficiency is very easy to notice. When you say a machine is efficient, you mean it does a good job in less time with minimal effort. When you say a person is efficient, that means they can get a lot done in a short amount of time. But how can you tell if you are being efficient when it comes to improving your facility? What should you be doing to ensure you are maximizing your efficiency?

Embrace new technology and methods

Don’t be afraid to adapt to new standards. Sure, sometimes the way it’s always been done is better – but not always. Especially when it comes to advancements in technology. This also applies to new methods for building maintenance. Doing things the old-fashioned way has its benefits in certain areas. However, to truly be efficient, you will need to prioritize methods that are the least time-consuming, the most cost-efficient, and the most effective way of accomplishing a task. For example, is your hard floor best cleaned by traditional mopping, or would an auto scrubber be more efficient?

Traditional mopping can get to hard-to-reach areas and every nook and cranny, but it is extremely time-consuming in large areas when compared to using a commercial hard floor scrubber. Various cleaning solution supply companies have created products with a wide array of applications and price points. While you don’t have to be equipped with the latest and greatest when it comes to equipment, you should be able to adapt to using new methods and tools for the job. Perhaps you should put the mop nicknamed “ol’ faithful” out to pasture and pick up something that will get the job done better, and faster.

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Take the facility’s appearance into consideration

While efficient means achieving maximum productivity with minimal wasted effort or expense, it does not mean the job should be flown through with reckless abandon. While being efficient, you should also be conscious and considerate of the mess that may be created during a project. Leaving loose tools, materials, and trash behind is not a good indicator of efficient work ethic. You should also be considerate of those inside the building and accompanying areas. Should you enlist the help of an independent contractor, you’ll want to identify one whose team can be as discreet as possible, so as to provide minimal disruption to your company’s regular course of business.

Alternatively, you could enlist the assistance of a company able to manage any contract work required. City Wide can provide such management for a plethora of services, including janitorial and more than 20 additional facility maintenance services.

Have a focused Scope-of-Work

A strong and detailed scope of work needs to be established regardless of the project you are working on. The project in question should be either blueprinted, wireframed, or outlined, as in-depth as possible. The goal of the project should be the bottom line for everything when creating your scope of work. Deviation from the project goal should be avoided as much as possible. Doing this will help you avoid getting lost in the weeds.

Your team should only be as big as it needs to be 

Too many cooks spoil the broth! You may think the more hands you have on deck, the faster and more well-done your project will be. It’s not so much a matter of manpower as it is a matter of the scale of the project. What we mean by this is, you don’t need a janitorial staff comprised of ten people for a building that is only three thousand square feet, nor a janitorial staff comprised of only one or two for a twenty thousand square foot building. The same can be said for any project in your building. If you are looking to maximize your efficiency, your team should be just the right size for what needs to be accomplished.

Of course, there are instances where a large team is definitely needed. In these circumstances, managing a large team can require a great deal of coordination and patience. It is advisable you have someone who knows all the ins and outs of managing contractors at your building.

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