City Wide’s Decade-Long Impact at DaVita

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on August 18, 2023

Case Study | DaVita

City Wide Facility Solutions is a trusted leader in providing facility solutions, known for its expertise in delivering exceptional solutions to clients across various industries. For over a decade, City Wide has cultivated a strong and enduring partnership with DaVita, a prominent healthcare organization specializing in dialysis care for millions across the United States. As a national organization with thousands of facilities, DaVita ensures that even individuals in remote areas have access to dialysis services.


DaVita’s high-traffic clinics, which operate 6 days a week, including holidays, pose a hurdle for facility management. City Wide must maintain the facilities without disrupting patient care amidst the constant flow of activity. Adding to that challenge is the high turnover at the local contact level, requiring seamless communication during personnel transitions. The scope of City Wide’s work encompasses janitorial services, floor work, handyman work, and emergency natural disaster cleaning services, which adds complexity to the coordination and execution of diverse tasks across multiple clinic locations. As a preferred vendor for DaVita, City Wide still faces the task of selling its services to each local DaVita location. Competitive bids are required to win each contract, making it crucial for City Wide to present compelling proposals, highlighting its expertise, value, and cost-effectiveness.


Drawing on over ten years of experience in serving DaVita, City Wide Facility Solutions has gained invaluable insights and understanding of this healthcare organization’s specific needs and requirements. This expertise allows for tailored facility solution services that cater to the unique demands of DaVita’s high-traffic clinics. City Wide provides extensive training to their Facility Solutions Managers (FSM) to ensure seamless operations, equipping them with a comprehensive knowledge of the internal processes and janitorial service expectations. This enables the FSMs to effectively address any developing issues and maintain seamless communication with DaVita’s local contacts. Complementing their commitment to excellence, City Wide boasts world-class response times, ensuring timely and efficient resolution of facility-related matters. By implementing these solutions, City Wide enhances its ability to deliver high-quality facility management services that consistently surpass DaVita’s expectations.


Through its collaboration with DaVita, City Wide has developed patience in understanding the importance of working diligently to win one account at a time. This approach has proven successful, allowing City Wide to build a strong foundation and foster enduring relationships with esteemed clients like DaVita. As a result, City Wide has been able to expand its reach and successfully service over 310 DaVita clinics across the country. This remarkable achievement showcases City Wide’s ability to effectively manage and support a large-scale national account while delivering exceptional facility management services. City Wide advises that when working with national accounts, including DaVita, to thoroughly review the account information before engaging with the client. This attention to detail ensures that City Wide fully understands the specific requirements and expectations of each individual center. In addition, City Wide places an emphasis on leaning on their National Business Development (NBD) Team for support. The NBD team plays a vital role in providing valuable assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. They are equipped with in-depth knowledge and guidance throughout the entire process and work closely with the account manager to address any issues or questions that may arise.

Why City Wide?

Founded in 1961, City Wide Facility Solutions is the largest management company in the building maintenance industry, managing janitorial services, commercial cleaning, disinfecting, and more than 20 additional facility solutions for every client. City Wide simplifies the facility matters that mean most to building owners, operators, and management companies, easing the time, stress, and resources typically required to oversee an entire facility. City Wide is proud to do more than just manage facility solutions and services for commercial facilities – they pride themselves on being a partner that helps clients save time and solve problems. Its mission is to create a Ripple Effect by positively impacting the people and communities they serve.

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