City Wide Launches ‘Dominate After COVID-19 is Over’ Task Force

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 1, 2020

As some companies begin to launch the various phases of their reopening plans, City Wide, a management company in the building maintenance industry, has designed a task force known as Dominate After COVID-19 is Over (DACO).

Jeff Oddo, president of City Wide franchise, said: “We’re very fortunate to report City Wide has had record months since March. With the need for additional cleaning and disinfecting services, we have seen a significant increase in requests from clients asking us to help manage these services for them.

“I would also credit the success we’ve had over the past several months to the fact our team jumped into action quickly when the situation around COVID-19 began to develop and we did our due diligence and were always looking ahead. We knew the time would come for our clients to return to their offices and we had to be ready to support them – which led to the creation of our DACO task force.”

The DACO taskforce is focused on assessing how the franchise can help its clients through the reopening process through two teams called Project Lemonade and Project Tidal Wave.

Project Lemonade gets its name from the phrase, ‘making lemonade out of lemons’ and was crucial during the initial peak of the pandemic. This team was in charge of figuring out how City Wide could best be a resource to its franchisees, employees, independent contractors, and clients to help protect them and their facilities during a rapidly changing and uncertain environment. The team also took suggestions from franchisees on how City Wide could continue to strengthen its relationships with clients.

Project Tidal Wave plays off of one of City Wide’s major philosophies known as the ‘ripple effect’. As the franchisor has always looked for ways to make a positive impact on its communities, this team focused on “turning the ripple into a tidal wave”.

This meant thinking about long-term goals and making updates and adding efficiencies based on what has been learned over the past three months amid COVID-19, to better serve the City Wide community. The team created a strategic framework of action for when clients were ready to reopen.

This task force’s preparedness plans include recommendations on what building managers should be doing in terms of cleaning and disinfecting before and after opening their doors to ensure the safety of employees and customers. It also lists building activation plans with considerations for what safety precautions their clients should be taking within their buildings and how to educate employees to prepare them for the new work environment.

Recently, a resource page was launched on the firm’s website with posters that can be downloaded for free on best practices for employees and customers once entering a building that has reopened.

Aside from that, some of its locations across the U.S. and Canada have been providing free disinfecting services to first responders, donating cleaning supplies to food banks, sewing masks, and putting together snack baskets for hospital staff.

By Amanda Peters | Story originally appeared on Global Franchise Magazine.  To read more of the article click here