Benefits of Showing Gratitude

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on October 31, 2022

Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends get together to celebrate gratitude. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.” This definition appears in an article titled, “Giving thanks can make you happier,” where the author discusses the benefits of showing gratitude as it relates to working or personal relationships. According to the article, a few studies on gratitude found:

  • Managers who remember to say “thank you” found it motivated employees to work harder
  • Gratitude from a director of annual giving resulted in 50% more fundraising calls
  • Individuals who took time to express gratitude felt more positive toward business relationships and more comfortable expressing concerns

City Wide Facility Solutions understands the importance of showing gratitude towards our clients, vendors, and independent contractors. Our success as a company is due to the incredible long-term relationships we build with our clients and vendors who, year after year, support our teams across the United States and Canada. 

This Thanksgiving, we wanted to discuss the benefits of showing gratitude and express how truly thankful we are for our clients, support team, vendors, suppliers, and contractors. 

Better professional relationships

Most businesses depend on building strong relationships with clients, customers, contractors, and vendors. Showing gratitude towards each of these entities is how you can prevent them from feeling underappreciated. When you invite City Wide to be part of your operation, you are essentially hiring another team member who understands your business and will often be on-site at your facility. 

Your relationship with your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) needs to be strong because you depend on them to manage the services you need to keep your facility clean, safe, and running smoothly. In return, your FSM will be grateful for the opportunity to partner with your business and ensure you get exactly what you expect from vendors, contractors and suppliers.  

Gratitude in the workplace ensures all entities, large and small, feel appreciated and stay motivated to do a good job. And as was stated in the Harvard article, employees who receive gratitude from managers are more motivated to work and benefit the company as a whole. 

Highly-skilled contractors deserve appreciation

City Wide only contracts with highly-skilled professionals because we expect a certain level of service only specialists can provide. Lots of vendors can clean your carpets, but a carpet specialist will clean your carpet in a way which will preserve the life of your carpet and improve the overall environment of your facility with their expertise. In return, City Wide is grateful towards our specialist contractors because they provide our clients with the “wow” factor they are looking for in facility services. 

On the other hand, we have all experienced vendors who maybe do just enough to get by, or simply go through the motions to get paid. This exactly the type of provider City Wide prevents from serving your business through vetting and annual certification requirements. 

Thankful for the City Wide family

If you look at a map of City Wide locations, you will notice we are in a lot of cities across the United States and Canada. This means two things: City Wide has built strong relationships across two countries, and City Wide clients appreciate City Wide’s service. 

While we are grateful for our growth, we also wanted to let you know this holiday season how grateful we are for YOU. Each dot on the map indicating a City Wide location represents a web of amazing relationships with clients, vendors, and independent contractors. This web is made strong with gratitude for each individual’s contribution, partnership, and service. 

Happy Thanksgiving from City Wide Facility Solutions!