Watch What Happens When a Furnace Filter Wasn’t Changed After Only 5 Months

Air Vent Filters Furnace Video

We all forget to do things at times, especially when it comes to behind-the-scenes maintenance in your building. And the worst part is, usually the damage is already done by the time you remember to do the task many months (or years) later.

The truth is, your filters for air vents may need to be checked and/or changed out on a monthly basis. According to the Vermont Department of Health, employees are notorious for spending over the half their waking hours during the week indoors (both at home and at work). That means, if the filters for air vents in your building aren’t being changed out on a regular basis, your employees could be breathing in some nasty particles circulating around the building every day.

Watch what someone discovered when they forgot their furnace filter hadn’t been changed out in at least five months:

Do you remember the last time your filters for air vents were changed in your building? Whether your HVAC system needs inspected to possibly lower your utility bill, or you feel as though clean air flow just isn’t circulating in the building, it’s time to contact your local City Wide.


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