Yes, it IS the Time to Plan Snow Removal!

In the sweltering summer heat you might not be thinking about snow and ice, but planning NOW can save you time and money this winter.

What should I do this summer to prepare for winter?
The biggest tip we have for our clients is to update your snow and ice removal procedures in the summer!

  1. Review Auto Accident and Slip and Fall processes;
  2. Winterize your parking lots early, to ensure safety to your staff and property;
  3. Evaluate and update emergency evacuation procedures;
  4. Schedule winter snow and ice removal services to beat the rush;
  5. Review business closure and remote access policies.

For each of these, be sure to organize contacts for your winter maintenance team, including both internal and external contacts. Reviewing your snow and ice removal procedures in the summer will ensure quick access to quality vendors, like City Wide, when you do need them. Confirming vendors in the summer will also get you the best pricing!

Don’t get left out in the cold – review your winter maintenance needs now. City Wide can help!