Wipe Your Feet

Wipe Your FeetIt’s easy to forget that through the day we are nearly always in contact with an unclean surface. Our feet, or at least our shoes, are consistently touching either the ground outside or the floor inside. You are almost certainly doing this right now. Studies have found that approximately 85% of all contaminants enter a room at or near floor level, which means that in order to reduce this contamination we must look to the down.

Shoes carry most of these unseen particles. In fact, in a study done at the University of Arizona, Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba found that over just two weeks a brand new pair of shoes can become covered in over 440,000 units of bacteria. Furthermore, their research showed that 90% of the time, a contaminated shoe will transfer its bacteria to a clean surface it contacts.

Another study, by the Environmental Protection Agency, finds that unhealthy herbicides can be tracked indoors on footwear as well. These herbicides are toxins that can produce various health risks. It’s a pretty easy fix at home where you can simply remove your shoes at the door, but in the office you probably need to keep them on. So how do we trap these microscopic bacteria? A good matting policy can help a tremendous amount.

By setting rubber scraper mats outside the doorway, and then having the proper six to 15 feet of inside matting leading into the building, you can reduce the amount of dirt and bacteria found on shoes. For a high traffic space, like a commercial office building, this is especially important. With a large volume of foot traffic, you run a higher risk of contamination during the cold and flu season. Contact City Wide today to discuss what Matting Services can do for your building.