Window Washing Time Frequency


3 Signs It’s Time to Wash Your Commercial Building’s Windows

Window Washing Time Frequency

Exterior window washing might feel like a frustrating service to pay for, especially if you live in an ever-changing weather climate. The fact is, you may never win the war and pick the perfect week to have your window washing service completed.

Surprisingly, there is good news in case you pay for window washing and it rains only hours later. Rain won’t totally undo your building’s clean windows. Typically, windows remain clean even after a downpour because the drops are made of pure water, which run off the glass quickly. The only exception to rain causing your windows to get filthy again is if your area receives a windy rainstorm after a long dry spell.

But for many building owners and property managers, it’s difficult to know when it’s really time to schedule a window washing for your commercial building. So what are some signs?

It’s been months, maybe years since they were last cleaned.
Your last window washing service probably wasn’t marked on the calendar. So it’s understandable why it may be hard to remember when it was done. What’s great about a professional building maintenance management company, like City Wide, is we take care of this reminder for you by automatically scheduling your cleaning throughout the year.

Your business is about to hold an event that involves a lot of people.
First impressions are a big deal, and having your windows cleaned—inside and out—can make or break those impressions. Before a major event or an important meeting, have a window washing service to make sure your building looks sparkling clean.

The windows have a film on the exterior side that makes looking outside seem gloomier than it is.
Does the natural light coming into your office seem less these days? Between dirt, grime, and pollution from our environment, it doesn’t take long for windows to accumulate that thin layer of film that can distort a clear view. Over time, this type of debris could start affecting the quality of your windows if not put on a regular cleaning schedule.

City Wide manages its window washing with knowledgeable crews and appropriate equipment that makes even the largest buildings a painless process. Give us a call today to learn about all our window and glass services.


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