Why You Should Steam Clean Tile and Grout Floors

What cleaning method do you use to clean tile and grout floors? Have you ever thought about steam cleaning those floors? Here we share several reasons to consider this cleaning method for tile and grout.

A Healthier, More Thorough Clean
Not only is dirty grout unsightly, but it also houses bacteria. Steam cleaning uses only water – very hot water at an intense pressure – creating dry steam, which pushes the bacteria and dirt particles out, not in, like pressure washing.

Steam cleaning is an ideal regular maintenance for lobbies, as well as restroom floors and walls, as it sanitizes them even further than the daily cleaning received from mopping or wiping with a disinfectant. Grout is a very porous material which requires a deeper clean occasionally in order to remove impurities and micro-organisms, therefore promoting a healthy environment.

A Less Abrasive Clean
Many cleaners used on flooring are acid-based, which can be quite harsh. Not only can the chemicals push the dirt particles deeper into the plaster – making it harder to clean – but it can also wear out the material faster, causing expensive replacement costs sooner than necessary.

An Easier Clean
Steam cleaning can be quicker than other methods, such as Bonnet or Rotary. We recommend scheduling your tile and grout steam cleaning one to two times per year. Scheduled maintenance means one less thing for you to worry about.

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