Why Window Maintenance?

Sometimes it’s easy to look at the surface of your windows and think that’s the only thing that needs maintaining. If you have someone come out and clean them, that’s it, right? Wrong. Dust, dirt, and moisture can erode your surfaces, causing lasting damage to your window caulking and blinds. Don’t believe us? Go look at the needs of your building by taking a closer look at your windows. Do they need more thorough dusting? Is air coming in through the cracks? Window and blind cleaning, including checking on the status of window caulking, is not typically a part of a normal janitorial contract.

Why should you care about your window maintenance?

Lower Utility Bills: Maintaining your business’s window caulking increases your insulation effectiveness, causing lower utility bills and more comfortable temperatures for employees and tenants in all seasons. Poorly done or aged window caulking causes costly problems in your commercial building, often doing damage and causing discomfort for years without being obvious.

First Impressions: Standard janitorial services do not typically cover regular deep-cleaning of blinds. This labor-intensive task is usually performed once or twice a year to preserve the look of decor and reduce the dust load in the building.

What do we recommend?
At City Wide, we recommend regular assessments. Twice a year is also a good time to check out the caulking on the interior and exterior of your windows. As with any forward maintenance services, plan to deep-clean first and do any needed repairs with the first treatment. The ongoing cost of maintaining caulking and blind cleaning will depend on the number of windows in question and the overall condition they’re in.

City Wide can help you assess and plan for the cost of these services and choose the right cleaning methods for your building. Let City Wide wash away dirty windows forever with effective techniques and schedules that save you money.