Who ya gonna call?

Is it affecting the electrical worksHave you ever walked into work and just knew it would be a very bad morning? The roof is leaking – a lot – and you are the only person in the office. Who do you call first?

Do you call for roof repair? Is it a plumbing issue? Is it affecting the electrical work? What about a handyman to fix the paint in the area where it leaked? And you don’t even want to think about what won’t get done while you handle the emergency!

With City Wide, you have another option. As a management company for your maintenance needs, we take on the work of managing vendors and fielding service calls, so you don’t have to. One call to City Wide, and it’s a much better morning.

City Wide has already negotiated rates with local service providers to solve problems resulting from your maintenance mishap, and your account manager is there to manage 20+ services for you at no additional cost.