What’s Trending in Supplies?

At City Wide, one of our core competencies is supply management. We know that as the economy grows your business prospers, and in turn foot traffic increases, which causes an increase in the demand for additional cleaning services, especially janitorial supplies.

The Future is Green
Lucky for you, we understand that with growth and innovation in business comes growth and innovation in supplies. Supply trends are going toward greener and more sustainable products. These green cleaning products can clean just as well as traditional products, as well as create benefits for the health of your staff. We know you don’t always have time to consider these opportunities, so City Wide provides programs to bring these products into your building without increasing costs or sacrificing quality.

With City Wide as your supplier, you’ll notice our ability to get our hands on new technology, such as Electrostatic Sprayers, which dispense disinfectant solution in a fine way that ensures surface coverage. We are also able to maintain an expertise on the specific needs of a wide range of buildings with educational tools and data provided by the vendors themselves.

A Cornucopia of Supplies
Think supplying toilet paper isn’t that big of a hassle? We supply so much more than that! Some popular items we supply include plates, bowls, napkins, cups, paper towels, tissues, hand sanitizers, mats, odor neutralizers, personal hygiene products, pens, notebooks, and many more. City Wide can help you keep up with all of this by managing your janitorial supplies. Call us today!