What’s Next? Spring cleaning for your commercial property.

We tend to think of spring cleaning as a home-related endeavour. We
throw open the windows on the first warm day of spring and start scrubbing,
clearing and polishing the winter doldrums away. However, the same effect should apply to your building or commercial property.

The sight of the spring cleaning crews is a clear marker that the winter season is past. Daily inhabitants of your space will appreciate the extra effort, and most
spring-cleaning services have very real, practical and long-term impacts on the
maintenance of your building.

Take high dusting, for instance. If your building has a high ceilings or loft spaces with windows, decorations or ledges, these spaces collect dust even in clean buildings over
time. Bringing a lift in once or twice a year to address this reduces the overall dirt level in your building, making it easier to clean year-round.

While you’ve got the high lift, consider having your lighting fixtures and ceiling fans cleaned and bulbs replaced to maximize that cost.

Minor repairs to paint and window sills and seals can also be taken care of now. If you aren’t quite ready to put a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls, consider a thorough wall-washing as less costly alternative. You can also have your interior mats power washed to freshen up the building and help make a good first impression.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of curb appeal. City Wide can assist with cleaning out flower beds and even provide watering services.

Don’t wait for warmer weather – book Spring Services NOW! Contact City Wide today to get your building ready for Spring!