What’s Next? Sparkling glass and windows for your commercial property.

You can’t truly enjoy the beauty of spring if you’re looking through dirty window glass! But there’s a right and a wrong way to book glass cleaning services – especially for commercial properties. Here are some tips on how to plan ahead for the most cost-effective and efficient service.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Basic exterior glass service involves cleaning windows inside and out, along with screens and sills as needed. You are typically charged per window, and cost varies by window style. For the best rates and scheduling, ask for a complete window plan that provides for service several times a year.

You should expect a visual inspection of your window glass, screens and sills along with your window cleaning service.

If you have second-story windows or high glass that requires a lift, consider scheduling other lift-based services at the same time. City Wide recommends scheduling simple tasks like gutter and awning cleaning, skylight cleaning, power washing and stain removal, or minor repairs to reduce costs.

Interior Windows and Glass

Most janitorial service contracts include spot cleaning of interior windows and glass, but dust and spots can accumulate over time if the full panel is not cleaned semi-regularly.

Interior glass cleaning is a great spring service because City Wide typically recommends bundling interior glass service with other detail-clean services like blind cleaning and high dusting. Again, making the most out of lift fees by adding lighting services, fixture cleaning and ceiling fan cleaning will save expense and inconvenience.