What’s Next? Our Window Washing Service is a Clear Winner.

The appearance of your building can make or break a client’s or prospect’s first impression of your company. Keeping all that glass clean is a big job – here are some tips to keep your building’s windows looking their clearest.

What are the benefits of a regular window-washing regiment?

Keep costs low. Regular upkeep means avoiding big, surprise maintenance expenses in the future. Keeping windows clean helps glass and seals last longer.

-Let the light shine. Clean windows means maximizing the natural light in your building and reducing expensive fluorescent lighting.

-Put your best foot forward. Sparkling clean windows are the key to an impactful and positive first impression. “Wow” your clients with a spotless appearance.

What should I consider when hiring someone to clean my windows?

You rely on outside vendors to be experts in their field, and with so many companies out there it’s important to know what separates them. At City Wide, we are properly insured and carry up-to-date workman’s compensation to take the “safety stress” off your shoulders. Only green, environmentally friendly chemicals are used on your
windows, and we entrust only the most highly skilled and trained professionals
to work on your building.

City Wide works with you to set up a maintenance plan that meets your needs and, more importantly, your budget. No matter how often your windows need attention, City Wide is armed with the right tools and years of experience to take care of any window washing need. We take a big picture approach to each situation so you receive the best results with the least amount of effort and cost.

City Wide’s dedication to your positive experience and overall management of the project takes away the stress of dealing with outside companies. We do the dirty work and you take the credit.

Ready to wipe away dirty windows forever?

Contact your City Wide FSM today to set up a complimentary building survey and take the first step toward a quality first impression.