What’s Next? Landscape maintenance for your commercial property.

What are your New Year’s resolutions for your building? Don’t forget about landscaping! It will feel like a completely new building when you have all of your services—including lawn care—under one, capable vendor.

Here are four things to consider when reviewing your landscaping needs:

  1. Square Footage of Landscaping
    Square footage of green space is a main factor in determining budget and landscaping needs with any vendor. If your desired look and square footage require a higher budget, consider hardscaping such as walkways, benches, or fountains that may require less yearly maintenance.
  2. Landscaping and Property Interaction
    In addition to how much landscaping assistance you will need, consider how your landscaping will interact with your property, including parking lots and sidewalks. Trees can be beautiful, but you don’t want to cause damage to cars, sidewalks, or the foundation with their branches or roots.
  3. Soil Type
    Different areas of your property may vary in soil type or in sun and wind exposure. Testing soil type can help determine what types of plants or grasses will grow well on your property, leaving you with lush lawns, shrubs, and flowers.
  4. Landscaping Emergencies
    Do you have a plan or a vendor in case of a landscaping emergency such as a fallen tree limb? Can your landscaping team also help you with cracks in your parking lot caused by trees planted in the wrong spot?

And don’t forget about simplicity. How many vendors do you need to care for your landscaping the right way? If your lawn care is getting too complex, contact City Wide to learn about how having one point of contact for all your building needs can help reduce your stress level.