What’s Next from City Wide? Painting Services

Image of iStock 000019404142MediumPlanning to repaint a part or all of your office? Or do you just need some touch-up work? City Wide can help you with your painting project, no matter how big or small.

Join host Abby Nicholl as she explores best practices and planning tips for painting your building, inside and out. Click here to watch the brief video….

Did You Know?

Painting over mildew doesn’t mean it’s gone — spores are capable of growing right through paint film. Shady spots outdoors are particularly susceptible to this fungal pest. This is especially common in the Pacific Northwest where moisture and shade combine to form a mildew breeding ground. To kill mildew, wash it with a mixture of one part household bleach to three parts water. Then rinse the area and allow to dry thoroughly before painting.

How Painting Can Help You

Achieve a safer environment. Studies show that brighter, cleaner facilities and workplaces experience fewer accidents and improve employee morale.

Ask your City Wide contact for more information about interior and exterior paint services.