3 Ways People May Be Wasting Toilet Paper at Your Facility – and How to Solve the Problem

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Does it ever feel like if you get one more call, one more email, or one more comment in the hallway from someone about there not being toilet paper in the bathroom again, you might scream?

Even though you have asked the cleaners to stock supply in the restrooms each day, it just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. And not only that, but it’s eating up a lot more of your budget than you expected.

What’s a facility owner or manager to do? The good news is it may not be your fault! Why? Because there’s a bit of a science behind how to make sure your facility’s restrooms are always stocked with janitorial supplies. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at several reasons how people in your facility may be wasting toilet paper.

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Lining Seats with Extra Toilet Paper

Have you ever known someone who likes to line the toilet seat before they sit down? Perhaps you do it yourself. It’s an understandable behavior when we really think about how many people have used that same toilet seat prior to us.

But according to a study, the extra effort may not be worth it – and is essentially wasting toilet paper – since every flush sprays bacteria into the air (and on to that open toilet paper roll right next to the seat).

Solution: While it might be tempting to want to put a big sign up to tell your tenants the hard truth, there are better ways to lower the toilet paper waste. Try looking into the toilet seat liners that are often found encased in a metal or plastic container above the toilet.

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Taking Extra Rolls of Toilet Paper Home

Your intentions may have been good about asking the cleaning crew leave extra rolls of toilet paper in the stalls – especially since you’re trying to avoid the hassle or the complaining that’s been going on – but this tactic may only be wasting toilet paper and, ultimately, costing your facility more money. The truth is, toilet paper theft is a real thing because let’s face it, it’s not a cheap commodity these days.

In fact, some countries like China have such a problem with the crime that they’ve had to install facial recognition toilet paper dispensers in public restrooms.

Solution: Look into investing in locked toilet paper dispensers – and never leave extra rolls on top of the dispenser or out in the open.

Using Toilet Paper as Tissues During Cold and Flu Season

Just like other necessities, facial tissues aren’t an item people typically buy for their desk. If a tenant doesn’t supply facial tissues for their employees, theyare likely to go get what they need from the company’s restrooms.

Solution: Making room in your budget to supply facial tissues for employees may make a huge impact on the amount of toilet paper you need to purchase each month – especially during allergy and cold and flu season.

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