Is Your Crew Making This Mistake When Cleaning Your Warehouse Floor?

Warehouse building owners face an entirely new challenge than a small commercial building owner my face. Not only are warehouses a larger facility where products, vehicles, machinery, and people are constantly swarming around, but it must be a place where the floors are properly treated. And more importantly, making sure the warehouse is clean so that the products in the facility aren’t affected before being shipped out.

In an interview with Modern Materials Handling magazine, Richard Bodo, a director of training for Karcher North America, said he “cringes” when he sees how some warehouse hard floors are being treated at the end of each day.

“In a warehouse or [distribution center], about 80% of the soils infiltrating the environment are dry particulate soils,” he told the publication. When that soil is not swept before the scrubbing begins, it causes warehouse floors to look dirtier.

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“Scrubbing first will remove any gloss that’s on the floor,” added Bodo. “Plus, any soil that’s not picked up ahead of time has a tendency to accumulate along the scrubber’s squeegee blade and inhibit the machine’s performance.” Without this step, the soil never gets picked up. Sadly, he says it’s “one of the most overlooked parts of any floor maintenance program.”

Why It’s Important to Have a Warehouse Hard Floor Care Plan

There are higher hazards for employees in a warehouse, such as slick oil spills from machinery or other debris buildup on the floor. Not only that but showing you care about your facility – down to the way the floor appears to them – may increase productivity levels.

But most compelling is how a dusty or dirty environment can quickly affect products in a warehouse. Hard floor care in a warehouse is a crucial step to making sure a client’s first impression starts at your facility, not only with the product they are receiving.

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