Vendor Relationships

Most Janitorial Supply companiesMost Janitorial Supply companies order their products through a distributor. It’s not a secret – they get their paper towels and cleaning chemicals from middle men who raise the price margin. These distributors work with manufacturers or sometimes even other distributors to get the products you need, adding even more to the bottom line price.

City Wide prides itself on developing relationships with various vendors that offer products and equipment which make our business run more efficiently. The effort our company puts into building and maintaining these relationships translates into decreased cost of operations and increased business as we pass these savings to our clients.

Being able to negotiate the cost savings on products from manufacturers such as Diversey, Hillyard, SCA/Tork, Staples, and Veritiv means a lower bottom line price. This translates to company supply budgets becoming less of an obstacle and more of an opportunity.

Saving our clients’ money on toilet paper, soap, and disinfectant solution aren’t the only benefits to national vendor relationships. By building these partnerships we are able to get the most up to date equipment and products, which are then utilized in your facility.

We can get our hands on new technology, such as Electrostatic Sprayers , which dispense disinfectant solution in a fine, negatively charged mist that ensures 100% surface coverage. We can obtain quality items such as more efficient foaming hand soap dispensers that save you money on expendable products. We are also able to maintain an expertise on the specific needs of a wide range of buildings with educational tools and data provided by the vendors themselves.

City Wide is able to use the relationships we have built with supply companies to build beneficial relationships with our clients. Contact your local City Wide to find out how you can be on the receiving end of these benefits.