What Should You Value Regarding Facility Maintenance?

When we say something is valuable, most people immediately assume the thing in question holds substantial monetary value. But when you break down the true meaning of value, you find it can be much more than monetary. A worn-out comfort blanket (a “lovie”) adored by a toddler wouldn’t have any value to you but would be completely irreplaceable to them. A black and white, crinkled wedding photo from the 1920s, while meaningless to you, proves invaluable to the sentimental granddaughter who lost both her parents and grandparents at a young age.

Value is achieved when something is deemed to have worth (monetary or otherwise), importance, or usefulness. At City Wide, we offer value to our clients by being a one-stop shop to manage all of your business’ facility needs – which also happens to maintain or improve your building’s value.

The Value  Dependability

There is value in having something you can always rely on, no matter the circumstance. The same goes for whoever you use to handle the various projects at your facility. The last thing you need is an influx of time-sensitive issues regarding your building, and not having someone with the proper know-how or equipment to fix the issue with short notice. Having someone you can call, no matter the time of day, no matter the scale of the issue, is extremely valuable. When you have someone managing your facility who understands and can execute the best course of action, you will always have peace of mind.

The Value of Saving Time and Solving Problems

Over time, your facility will have different needs. These can range from AC/HVAC maintenance in the spring, leaf removal in the fall, water damage restoration after a pipe burst, or a variety of other time-sensitive facility services. Having a dependable partner who can find a solution to whatever problem comes your way is extremely valuable. At City Wide, we understand finding the right person to solve the problem on your own can be very time-consuming and stressful. With our vast network of resources, we are able to save you time and solve your facility problems – which also relieves you of unnecessary stress. Talk about a value-add!

At City Wide, we employ Facility Solutions Managers (FSMs). They are your one point of contact for facility solutions. With their industry-leading knowledge of building maintenance, they can find solutions to any maintenance issue your building might face. Then, they source the right crew for the job, all while staying within budget and ensuring the work is completed to your satisfaction. Our clients love the value we bring to them; let us do the same for you with your own proactive, problem-solving FSM to save you time and solve your facility problems!

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