Top 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Parking Lot

Image of City Wide Parking LotWhat are the top ways in which property owners can reduce the cost of owning a paved parking lot? We’ve simplified it to three main reasons: water, sealing, and asphalt thickness. Each of these affects your parking lot in various ways; being aware of them will help you spot problem areas quickly and recognize the dangers of waiting until later!

1. The biggest enemy to a long-lasting parking lot is water. Consider installing concrete swales and flow lines. Investing in swales and flow lines can increase the life span of your lot by many years. In addition to this, fix any irrigation problems quickly! Damaged or incorrectly installed sprinklers can wreak havoc on your parking lot and sidewalks. Keep an eye on standing water or puddles to help identify the potential for a deep crack before it comes to the surface.

2. Seal your lot! Sealing is much less expensive than repairs and two coats can protect your lot for up to two years, depending on traffic and weather. Don’t wait to seal small cracks – the wider the cracks, the more expensive the repair. Fix these cracks promptly with a small amount of sealcoat to save money on your parking lot. Also be on the lookout for small depressions, before they turn in to potholes.

3. Be smart about your asphalt and concrete thickness. The next time you are assessing your lot, take a look at chronic problem areas or depressions and consider reviewing the height of your asphalt. A smart repair now will save you costly repairs later. These chronic problems often occur in high-traffic areas or near loading docks where heavier trucks can expedite asphalt issues.

For example, one of our parking lot experts used to mill down 8” for each tire depression and then only lay in asphalt. They changed their method and can now go down 6” and add 4” of concrete before laying 2” of asphalt and they’ve found the depressions do not come back as quickly in these high-traffic areas.

Lucky for you, City Wide can look at your landscaping and parking lot together to make the best recommendations for long-lasting investments. We are also on call to make small repairs as needed to help you avoid the large costs down the line. If you are looking for a review of your parking lot this season and throughout the year, call us today!