Tips from City Wide: Pressure Washing

Image of IMG 7078Here are some helpful tips for safe pressure washing, to make your commercial exteriors shine as bright!

  • Don’t forget your loading docks and front entrance walk ways – pressure washing these surfaces to remove salt and sand build up from the winter will improve your curb appeal while avoiding salt from being tracked in the building.
  • Pressure washing can remove gum, stains, and more!
  • Pressure washing can be used to clear exterior paint or siding of dust and dirt before you re-paint on install new siding.
  • For most projects, such as paint or fences, check manufacturer PSI recommendations to ensure you don’t cause damage to your building’s exterior surfaces.
  • Caution: Never point a pressure washer at anyone. It’s much more powerful than a water gun or hose, and can cause lasting damage.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes and do in the Spring or Fall when there are not extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Work in teams to sweep away extra water puddles and put up caution signs if any surfaces near your building are slippery when wet.

Call City Wide today for more helpful tips on exterior pressure washing and caring for your interior and exterior building surfaces.

Image of Infographic Pressure Washing