Tips from an Expert: Parking Lot Maintenance

parking lot FotoliaYour parking lot can be one of your building’s best assets — or worst liabilities. Take the time this season to review your parking lot maintenance needs with an expert to determine how to fix current issues and prevent future ones.

If you are working on a new parking lot, don’t skimp on the sealant! A properly sealed lot will last much longer and will dramatically reduce your costs in the long run. After its initial sealing, replacing sealant every two years is the average for commercial parking lots. Sealing small cracks is also critical for yearly maintenance, as the moisture in the cracks will quickly degrade the structural components of the surface.

Small cracks (1/4″ wide or less) can be quickly fixed with sealcoat. However, wider cracks require an expert to apply crack sealer and to advise on whether the patch will hold. For example, in northern states, you can often only make these asphalt patches in the warmer months; otherwise you risk having to reseal them just a few months later.

Pay attention to the weather. Spring showers can put a dent to your ideal parking lot plans. Allow for three days of dry weather in order to properly set parking lot repairs. Speaking of weather patterns and drainage, do you suffer from frequent, large puddles in your lot? A paving expert can repair this and remove standing water through correcting the grade or slope of the pavement through localized leveling.

Another common issue in parking lots is depressions between the asphalt and concrete of your building’s curbs.This is often caused by over-watering the grass, so keep an eye on drainage, especially closer to winter when the mud can freeze between the joints.


Is your lot too far gone due to lack of maintenance? Consider doing a 2″ overlay of asphalt over your entire lot, which is an option if replacing your lot is not in the budget.

Parking lots can be a big headache; let us handle the pain with our network of qualified and trusted experts! Check with your local City Wide office to determine if they have a parking lot expert on hand to review your needs.

Look for a provider who is well-versed in ADA parking lot regulations and is fully licensed and insured. And lastly, don’t trust a bid when they’ve never seen your lot! Walk the lot with your expert, or have your City Wide Facility Services Manager review your lot with them and give you a summary to save you time!