Tile and Grout Cleaning

Almost every commercial building has tile flooring. The most common place for tile flooring is in bathrooms and breakroom areas. These areas are specifically some of the dirtiest places in the building, which makes cleaning the tile floors an important endeavor.

While regular cleaning can help maintain the overall sanitation of these surfaces, it takes a little more effort to really get the grout clean surrounding the tile. The most common type of grout is cement-based and therefore porous. Because of this, the grout can hold liquid, becoming stained or even mildewed. A regular scrubbing just won’t do the trick.

floorAt times, professional equipment such as industrial grade steamers and cleaners become necessary to remove the stains and reseal the grout. Without this, you not only won’t get the grout completely clean, you might damage it as well. The added benefit is that the steam cleaners will leave your tile and grout looking brand new.

The main issue with this, is that the professional cleaning equipment is often too expensive and cumbersome for businesses to invest in for their location, and operating these machines can take some experience and skill. Trusting professionals to do the job is often the best option.

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