Three Seasonal Maintenance Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

well as a visible frustration in managing buildingSeasonal maintenance is a recognized source of hidden costs, as well as a visible frustration in managing building maintenance due to the unpredictability of weather-related maintenance needs.

Here are three mistakes people make when managing their seasonal maintenance – plus tips on how you can avoid them.

1. Paying a Premium for Emergencies
Not having a vendor for seasonal maintenance surprises can be a hassle, and can also cost you extra money. If your roof is leaking, you likely don’t have time to get three different quotes to ensure you are getting the best price in order to stay under budget. Get your comparable quotes ahead of time so you are prepared if disaster strikes. Especially in cities where you almost always have snow, you want to guarantee you get the best price by nailing down the process for these services in advance.

2. Ordering Too Much (or Too Little)
Understanding if there is a set rate, or if you will be charged more for service or supplies the day of, is also important when getting quotes for items of this nature. Consider Ice Melt (a.k.a. rock salt). When large storms hit, there is often a shortage of Ice Melt. Order your supplies early to get the best value, be prepared, and ensure you don’t come up short.

3. Not Picking a Reputable Provider
The last thing you need when a maintenance emergency arises is to worry if they will do the job right. Especially when it has to do with safety, such as with trees or electricity, you want to ensure your vendor is insured and that you will not be held liable if something goes wrong. Selecting your vendor in advance gives you time to evaluate reviews and verify their reputation.

By managing your seasonal services through the company that also provides your building maintenance and janitorial supplies, you can eliminate these problems while getting quality service at a good rate. Your City Wide Facility Services Manager is on-site regularly, and can monitor your supply levels and usage over time. Additionally, their industry expertise and vendor contacts will take the pain out of service selection. With City Wide, you will always get a reputable provider with full insurance and workman’s compensation.