Three Reasons You Need an HVAC Maintenance Program

The air pumping out of the vent in the wall above your desk has finally cooled you down.
Just walking from your car to the office got you sweating on this 95 degree day, and all you could think about was the small metal grate in your office upstairs. Now, sitting in your chair, you take a sip from your cold water bottle when, suddenly, you hear a loud clunk sound above you.
The air becomes still.
Five minutes later you are standing on your chair, staring into the dark abyss that is the Air Conditioning Vent, hoping that some miracle will bring cold air to your face.

Waiting until your HVAC system breaks down to put a maintenance program in place will leave you staring at an uncomfortable work environment. In some cases, it will decrease productivity and can even cause a building to shut down.

These costly breakdowns are not the only reason to have a plan in place. By thinking about your HVAC Maintenance Program now, you can also ensure your equipment is operating at full efficiency, extending its life. Proper, regular maintenance can also eliminate warranty claim denials when your system finally does need to be replaced or repaired.

No matter your HVAC needs, City Wide has the experience and knowledge to manage a service program that fits your facility. Contact us today to beat the summer heat.