Three Lighting Management Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Here are three mistakes people make when ordering their light bulbsSupplies, such as light bulbs, are a recognized source of hidden costs, as well as a visible frustration in managing building maintenance.

Here are three mistakes people make when ordering their light bulbs, and how you can avoid them.

1. Ordering Too Much (or Too Little)
The consumption of light bulbs within your office may be changing over time, depending on usage and energy efficient bulbs. Check your storage levels frequently, and take company growth into account when planning ahead. Also keep in mind special events, to ensure that light bulbs aren’t reaching the end of their life the day of an event. In addition, keeping too much inventory increases your chances of broken bulbs, especially in larger varieties.

2. Incompatible Products
Do you have multiple light bulb styles and sizes throughout your building? Most offices have security lights, decorative lights, canopy lights, and task lights in additional to general overhead lighting. As much as possible, keep sizes and types standard. This allows you to buy in bulk, which will save money and reduce the chances of running out.

3. Paying a Premium for “Green
If your lighting is not already standardized, look for energy efficient bulbs that fit with your wiring. Finding the right products to promote a healthy and environmentally sustainable work environment – while remaining within budget – can be challenging. Lighting manufacturers now offer multiple options that are energy-saving and even bulbs that mimic sunlight – which can actually improve the mood and productivity of your staff, especially in the winter months.

By ordering lighting maintenance supplies through the company that also provides your building maintenance and janitorial supplies, you can eliminate these problems while getting quality products at a good rate. Your City Wide Facility Services Manager is on-site regularly, and can monitor your supply levels and usage over time. Their industry expertise and vendor contacts will take the pain out of product selection! In addition, ask about some of our related services such as bulb installation, bulb recycling, decorative lights, and energy audits.