The Wide Range of Snow Equipment

When maintaining parking lotsThe sheer amount of snow and ice removal equipment and products on the market can be a bit overwhelming for anyone doing their own maintenance. By trusting City Wide with your snow and ice removal during those cold, harsh months you can be certain that your outdoor surfaces will stay clear and navigable.

When maintaining parking lots, sidewalks, and thoroughfares outside your commercial office building during the winter, many factors must be taken into account. The size and type of equipment differs depending on the size and type of surface being cleared. For example: A large plow truck may be effective for large open space parking lots and roadways, but garages and small lots may call for a more maneuverable machine, like a pickup truck or tractor with a plow attachment.

The same line of thinking applies to the walkways surrounding your building. A skid steer can be the appropriate choice for this task, but sometimes a smaller vehicle, such as a tractor or riding mower with plow attachments, are more suitable. Snow blowers are also an option for these type of situations.

Even the type of plow blades, brooms, brush attachments, and salt spreaders you use can change depending on the needs of your facility. The main thing to consider are the requirements of your specific circumstances before making any decisions. These needs and circumstances are something City Wide is very familiar with and can help you understand. By contacting your local City Wide office, you can ensure the proper maintenance of your parking lots, roads, and walkways while minimizing costs for your employer.