The Value of Window Washing in Your Commercial Building

A polished first impressionClean windows will not only give a great first impression to any clients or visitors to your building, they will also help boost morale among your staff. Regular cleaning also allows your company to plan needed maintenance in the area around the windows.

A polished first impression! Windows in high profile entryways should be cleaned quarterly, but the overall recommendation for most commercial buildings is every six months. Timing is important! If you host a significant event in your building each year, plan your window washing and deep clean services ahead of time to ensure your building is looking its best.

Let the sun shine in! Clean, inviting workspaces improve morale and can help reduce your turnover, which saves your company money. A five minute bask of sunlight, even in winter, can improve moods and efficiency as well.

Over time, window washing and regular maintenance can extend the life of your windows. Double check that caulking is in good condition when you clean the windows. This can help with aesthetics as well as decrease drafts and even improve pest control.