The Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Lighting Systems

By switching to a new

  1. Save Money

    By switching to a new, high-efficient lighting system you will almost certainly save money on electricity costs. High utility costs from lamps that use a lot of power to brighten a room can be avoided by updating your lights. Also, these newer technologies produce less heat, which translates to less cooling costs for your facility.

  2. See Better

    This one might seem like a no brainer, but it can be a little more complicated than just using a brighter light. LED lighting allows for a wide range of color spectrums. The light this new technology produces can actually make the appearance of colors more accurate and vivid to the human eye.

  3. Feel Better

    Studies show that daylight spectrum lamps can lessen the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression. Older technology, such as fluorescent tube fixtures, produce heavier green spectrum light which is hard on eyesight and also affects mood.

  4. Work Better

    It stands to reason that if you feel and see better, you will be able to accomplish tasks more easily. This can be especially true if the work being done is greatly affected by your ability to see accurately and stay motivated. Studies have generally shown an increase in worker productivity with these newer lighting systems.

  5. Maintain Less

    LED lamps last longer, which obviously means you need to replace them less often. This immediately cuts down on costs from both the labor of replacement and the cost of the lamp itself. The reduced heat also means that the other components of the fixture will last longer and be replaced less often as well.

    Call your local City Wide to discuss upgrading your Lighting Systems today. Our staff is knowledgeable and attentive, and can even inform you of local, state, and federal rebate programs when updating to LED lighting.