The New Way To Clean: Microfiber Technology

The New Way To Clean: Microfiber Technology

At City Wide, we believe microfiber technology is a great advance in cleaning technology. Not only do microfiber products reduce time and energy on certain tasks, but they are environmentally friendly and require less use of chemicals.

What is Microfiber?
When you first look at microfiber, it looks just like an ordinary cotton cloth. However, as demonstrated in the diagram by Shield Serv, they are quite different. As you can see, cotton – as well as paper towels, ordinary mops and brooms, etc. – only pushes soil and moisture around, leaving surfaces dirty and damp. Microfiber lifts and traps dirt and moisture in its tiny crevices and leaves surfaces clean, dry, and polished.

What was that about tiny crevices, you ask? If you were to look at microfiber with a magnifying glass, that is what you’d see! Essentially, microfiber consists of really tiny synthetic fibers, estimated to be 1/16 the size of a human hair! When woven together the strands create a surface area covered with millions of spaces and cracks between the fibers which aid in trapping moisture, dirt, and debris.

Benefits of Microfiber Use
Because microfiber is so versatile, manufacturers have expanded their product line to include microfiber mops, scrubbers, general purpose, and soft cleaning towels. As a business owner, you should be aware of the variety of microfiber products on the market, and understand that not all are used for every application. For example, if you use a scrubbing towel to clean a surface with a plastic finish, the towel may scratch the surface. You should use a soft cloth in this situation instead. City Wide can help manage what to use, when, and how to avoid these trouble areas.

Should You Try Microfiber?
Absolutely! By ordering supplies through your building maintenance company, you can use these new quality products at a great rate. Contact City Wide today to save you time and energy with Microfiber cleaning supplies!