The Future of Flu Prevention – Air Quality Services

City Wide can provide emergency AirStudies show that improved air quality can produce higher worker productivity and health by reducing headaches, eye strain, allergies, stress, fatigue, and the spread of sickness. This is especially true for the flu and other viruses, which can easily spread through the air.

DID YOU KNOW: City Wide can provide emergency Air Quality Services and additional cleaning services to eliminate the flu virus from your building in serious outbreaks? This could include:

  1. Implementing a high-performance cleaning program that uses matting, high-filtration vacuums, and steam cleaning to control dust and dirt.
  2. Checking your air filters every few months to ensure they are still clean enough to be effective. Replace them often, as recommended by your City Wide Facility Services Manager.
  3. Establishing effective waste management practices that contain trash – especially used tissues – away from workspaces, and remove from the building regularly.
  4. Reviewing your HVAC system. It should bring in fresh outside air, rather than just re-circulating stale indoor air that comes with allergens and even the flu virus itself.

City Wide can work with you to assess your current building maintenance practices to identify sources of poor air quality and can recommend solutions that won’t break the budget.