The Danger in the Dark

A long, dark hallway...

It reminds you of a scene from a cliché horror film. A long hallway, dimly lit, leading to a single, closed doorway. A bulb from the nearest overhead fixture flickers as you walk beneath it. You wonder if this was the best course of action for your first task of the afternoon. After all, you just wanted to make a few copies of the new employee manual.

Paranoia starts to set in as you quickly open the door and flip on the lights. No scary shadow monster hiding in the corner, but you do find that only one fluorescent fixture has working bulbs in the copy room. The “Caution Wet Floor” sign would have been extremely helpful had it not been so dark. Instead, you slip and fall.

Poorly maintained lighting can be a liability. While not all dimly lit hallways will end in another trip to the chiropractor, the probability of employee injury and error should certainly be considered a risk in this environment. Lighting maintenance is especially important in commercial environments due to higher levels of foot, machinery, and/or equipment traffic.

Good lighting doesn’t just prevent accidents. By ensuring bulbs are changed on a regular basis and broken ballasts are replaced when they die, workers will also be able to physically see the work they are doing. Whether at a desk or behind a forklift, this can improve performance and stamina in a work environment. It is easier on the eyes when lighting is consistent throughout an area, and by not having to strain to see, energy levels are preserved more easily.

Several studies have concluded that high quality lighting can help workers get the job done. In a study done by scientists in the United Kingdom, call center employees were provided a work environment with high correlated color temperature fluorescent lighting. This means that the light was higher on the spectrum of color that it was emitting – in other words, it was more like natural sunlight. These fluorescent lights were found to “improve wellbeing and productivity in the corporate setting.” (Mills, P.R., Tomkins, S.C. & Schlangen, L.J., (2007))

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