Take Landscaping Further with Hardscaping

Mow the grass, prune a few trees, and plant some flowers. This is what most people consider when thinking of landscaping. But your lawn care and landscaping service could be doing so much more for your building. By investing in the exterior of your building, you can improve the appearance and functionality of the first thing visitors experience of your business – and that can make a big difference to prospects, clients, and employees.

Oftentimes convincing your company of the value Hardscaping is a term that has developed through the years in reference to the heavier, more permanent (non-living), aspects of landscaping. The paving stones connecting green areas to walkways, the benches strategically placed for a break to enjoy beautiful weather, and even retaining walls that make better use of outdoor spaces all make up this section of exterior landscaping elements. Renovations that include this type of addition or repair can cost more than standard lawn care and often mean bringing in different crews to undergo installation.

Oftentimes convincing your company of the value of this investment can be difficult, because you might be “just fine” with the appearance of your building as it currently exists. If you don’t examine these options, however, you are missing out on an opportunity to make a positive impression before a visitor ever steps through your doors. Not to mention, hardscaping requires significantly less maintenance than traditional landscaping.

Consider the condition of your sidewalks, outdoor stairways, and medians leading to your building. These features are integral in the function of your building’s exterior, and if poorly maintained can even be a hazard. By evaluating the aspects of your landscape that need repair or renovation you can extend the usefulness and improve the overall look and feel of your property.

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