Supply Management Strategies to Save Time and Money

Consolidate Janitorial Supplies with your Janitorial ProviderWhen it comes to running your business, we know janitorial supplies aren’t typically your main priority. Toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning solutions tend to fall by the wayside when you have a building to keep running. That said, running out of products can make for an extremely stressful day. To avoid this unnecessary stress, we recommend having a trusting relationship with your janitorial supplies manager.

At City Wide, we manage a variety of supplies to help you. Click here to watch a video of City Wide Maintenance Operations Director, Joe Choplin, share supply management strategies for businesses to save time and money.

Joe explains that if ordering supplies is not a normal part of your daily routine, you’ll need to receive multiple bids and spend valuable time deciding on the correct products when it comes time for you to order. However, City Wide has already negotiated pricing for a wide variety of supplies and can do this for you. City Wide knows the products and vendors well and manages a variety of supplies, so you don’t have to worry about running out. Essentially, it’s a simpler process with less risk. City Wide will not only utilize these supplies, but can track usage and replenish them as well, ensuring you never run out.

Contact your local City Wide today to learn about how our supplies management can make a difference in your building. By letting City Wide take care of janitorial supplies for you, running out of toilet paper or soap will never be a concern!