Stone Flooring Services

gocitywideStone floors provide a beautiful and durable flooring that can add great value to your location’s facility. With proper maintenance, stone floors such as marble, granite, terrazzo, and travertine can last the life of the building itself. However, without the right kind of care, these floors can prove to be an expensive venture.

It is important to note that each flooring type has its own characteristics, making their care unique in each situation. For example, some natural stone flooring options such as marble, slate, or granite can’t use specific finish products due to their hard, smooth nature. Cleaning these surfaces with neutral cleaners is essential as high-alkaline solutions or acid-based products can cause damage to the flooring.

Over time, your stone flooring may incur damage to the finish due to natural wear and tear. When this happens it might be time to do some repair. Services such as polishing, cleaning, and sealing are standard in this circumstance, and more intensive processes such as honing, hole/crack filling, and hard water removal can become necessary.

With the right services, stone flooring can be an attractive focal point, and improve the overall appearance of your building. Contact City Wide to find out more about the hard floor services we can manage for you and the ways that we can save time and solve problems for you.