Three Truths About the Snow Season Every Business Owner Should Know

Snow Winter Preparation Business

During the evening news, we’re often waiting for the weather report to come on, especially during the winter. Surely we want to know about tomorrow, but we also want to know what the rest of the week’s forecast will be.

But if you’re a business owner or property manager, this forecast means much more to you than the average person. Year after year, winter patterns have become highly unpredictable in every region. And that typically creates stress for owners and managers—not knowing what to expect, how many snowstorms will close down your office this year, or how much it’ll cost you for snow removal services.

Surprisingly, there are some steady statistics around the last several winters. In fact, many of these little bits of information could be useful in preparing your business for the winter time this year. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The U.S. typically produces 105 snowstorms every year. Let’s say there’s a big one a few states away. Well, that doesn’t mean it’ll fizzle out before it gets to you. On average, snowstorms have a way of lasting for two to five days, which means it can cross several states in that timeframe.
  • Blizzards are happening more frequently these days. In the last 20 years, the amount of blizzards has doubled in the U.S. Only nine blizzards per year were crossing the U.S. between 1960 and 1994. But beyond 1995, meteorologists noticed a steep incline. In fact, we’re up to about 19 per year now.
  • If you need to send out an email about the weather conditions, do you call it a blizzard or a snowstorm? Here’s a helpful hint. The National Weather Service deems it a blizzard if it has these four conditions: large amounts of snow; at least 35 mph winds; no visibility past a quarter-mile; and the storm lasts for at least three hours.

So is there any way to prepare your business for the upcoming winter months? The good news is, yes!

City Wide is here to take the stress out of this unpredictable situation. Before the winter gets here, you can book your snow removal services with us. Instead of worrying about what you’ll do when the first snowstorm or blizzard hits, City Wide will know to show up and start de-icing, snow plowing, or any other service you need to ensure your employees feel safe arriving to work.
Contact us today to get your plan in place—and hurry, because we’re getting booked up!


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Snow Winter Preparation Business