Snow Services Removal Business Plan


Being Unprepared for an Early Snow Season Could Backfire on Your Business—Here’s Why

Snow Services Removal Business Plan

Your alarm goes off. Your room seems darker than normal as if it’s a really cloudy morning. You’ve noticed there’s been a slight chill in your bedroom this past month. It’s impossible for winter to show up this early, right?

But the moment you open your blinds, you find out you’re wrong. Maybe a few inches of snow have already accumulated on the roads and sidewalks. Now, you need to quickly figure out what you’re going to tell your employees because you haven’t booked a snow removal service yet this year. What do you do?

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to find quality independent contractors who can get the work done. In fact, City Wide is often 95% booked for winter services as early as September.

It seems over-the-top to book your snow services as early as August, but it’s actually the best time to do so.

Back in 2015, an FM Global survey showed employees were upset about their employer’s lack of preparedness for the snow season. In fact, 32% gave their companies poor grades on having a business plan ready when the first snowfall came. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only problem. At least 50% of survey takers also complained about their employers not being ready for future events in general.

If you want to avoid this kind of trouble this year, make sure to contact City Wide to get your snow removal services scheduled.

Here are other helpful tips to prepare you for the upcoming season:

  • Review auto-accident and slip and fall processes.
  • Winterize your parking lots early, to ensure safety to your staff and property.
  • Evaluate and update emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Schedule winter snow and ice removal services, to beat the rush.
  • Review business closure and remote access policies.


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