Snow Removal Services Equipment


What’s Changed? An Incredible Look Back at How Snow Removal Used to Be Handled

Snow Removal Services Equipment

Our perception of the first snowfall changes as we get older, doesn’t it?

When we’re in school and it snows, we hope snow removal trucks never show up in our neighborhoods—just so we can squeeze in not one, but two snow days.

But as we grow older—and for those of us who are responsible for the maintenance of a commercial facility—snow days draw a long groan out of us. We become the important person who needs to make the call whether it’s suitable for employees to come to work that day. It’s not fun, especially when the winter season sneaks up on you.

Luckily, snow removal services were invented to make this time of the year easier on businesses. But have you ever wondered what it was like before we had the machines to remove snow? It’s almost hard to imagine.

Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, adults actually celebrated snow days. Why? Basically, it meant getting to use a different mode of transportation. Instead of saddling up horses and wagons, they would get out materials that resembled ski accessories. These were easier to glide along the roads.

Even more incredible, there was a town person normally delegated each season to flatten the snowy roads for these ski runners. This person would get on a large hollowed-out wooden wheel, filled with rocks, and have horses pull it all over town to compact the snow as much as possible (see the photo here). In other words, they weren’t removing snow, but only making it easier for everyone to get around on their ski-like gear.

We can all agree it’s a good thing we’ve left the big wheel behind and discovered more modern snow removal equipment.

If you’re looking to ease your mind about the upcoming winter months in regards to your business, City Wide would love to connect with you. In fact, the summer and fall months are the most ideal times to plan for snow services. Not only will booking early save you money, but it will also guarantee someone will be available to service your facility when the season decides to arrive. Contact us today!


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