Shedding Light on Lighting Maintenance for Your Building

We all need our offices cleanedSome maintenance tasks are universal. We all need our offices cleaned, our windows washed, our carpets vacuumed. These are regular, recurring tasks that you outsource because they can be done more efficiently and expertly by others.

So, what about your lighting? The average commercial building contains multiple lighting styles and types: security lights, decorative lights, canopy lights, and task lights. Facilities with warehouses or industrial spaces often have specific regulations regarding illumination of work spaces that require regular maintenance.

Managing the supplies and maintenance schedules required for all of your lighting types can be complex. Choosing the wrong bulb not only affects energy usage and bulb life, but disrupts the natural flow of light. Improper illumination can cause poor contrast, flicker, and glare, which are not only safety hazards, but also reduce worker productivity.

Outsourcing your lighting maintenance to City Wide ensures all of your lighting types have the right lamps and replacement schedules to operate most efficiently.

Ask your City Wide Facility Services Manager about planning monthly lighting services for your building, or simply call as needed. Lighting maintenance is just one more way City Wide can help you save time on building maintenance.